Make Mine Malapascua

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Summer’s upon us! I bet most of you have already made plans for summer activities and outings. And I’m sure that most will have the beach on their minds, with the hot, sizzling sun scorching the cities. For those of you who want to try something new, come and visit Malapascua Island in northern Cebu.

IMG_20150315_103906 Malapascua, a charming little gem of an island. (courtesy of cbholganza)

Malapascua was one of the most devastated islands during the Haiyan onslaught. It has been trying to recover since. By choosing Malapascua, you not only enjoy a new environment, you are also able to help the islanders recover from the destruction caused by that deadly storm. It’s not a difficult sell, considering its beautiful beaches, its pristine waters, its unique dive offerings (ever dive with thresher sharks before?), and quiet laid back environment. It is the closest thing to Boracay 30 years ago; not…

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