Alluring Aguinid

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A good friend of mine, Pons Alvarez, has been tirelessly promoting the wonders of Cebu. And for good reasons. From its abundant waters to its lush forests and scenic mountains; from its rich history to its many adventure-filled destinations to its food and culture trips, Cebu’s tourist offerings are enough to last you a lifetime of great experiences.

I kid you not. There are so many sights to see in Cebu. It’s not just the beaches and the diving. And today, I’m taking you to one of them.

agi10 Awesome, yet vibrant and enjoyable. (courtesy of

Aguinid Falls is located about 150 kilometers south of Cebu City. It may not be as grandiose as the Niagara or other huge internationally-acclaimed falls; but its natural beauty, its simplicity and its availability makes it a great fun-filled experience that’s unique, yet affordable on the pocket.

agi17 Aguinid is located in the southern tip…

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