The Worldly Differences and their Compromise


By Apolinario Villalobos


In this world, there are only differences that may not be right or wrong, as there is no “ultimate judge” who can decide, not even the respective Supreme Courts of nations, and not even the guiding book of whatever religion. For those who believe in God, to them I may come out blasphemous if I say based on my observation, that not even He is the ultimate judge as being preached by religions that cling to Him, for how can they say that He is the One when others do not believe in Him?


Islamic rules are different from those of Christian religions’ that sprouted even later than others, and which also have their own norms. There is a popular belief that traditional religions have been deceiving people in their effort to expand their respective following. In this regard, those who have been enlightened came up with their own Ministries that eventually attracted hordes of adherents that, fortunately, did not totally turn their back on the teachings of their former churches, such that, there are Catholics who trek to the temple of El Shaddai in Paraἧaque, as well as, there are New Christians who still attend Catholic service. The mushrooming, however, all over the world of these new Ministries is proof that something is wrong with the Catholic Church from which newly-enlightened Christians came from. But then, nobody has the right to condemn Catholicism because of the erring few priests…as again, in this world, nothing is perfect. On the other hand, the “Balik-Islam” in the Philippines is, likewise, gaining ground. In its totality, the movement of modern-day conversions should be viewed with fairness on the part of the converts. What is important is the change in their spirituality that made them better persons, and most especially, they worship the same God, anyway. We should worry about former God-fearing brothers who became heretics, instead!


What is happening to the fate of religions is happening among nations with differences that lie in their ideologies polarized by democracy and socialism. The same competitive expansion brought forth hideous annihilation of races which is the essence of the effort in such desire. And, to top it all, to date, many nations are subtly disregarding the authority of the United Nations. In the case of the West Philippine Sea for instance, it made pronouncements that favored the Philippines but it cannot enforce what it has “summarized” based on proofs…while China consistently and loudly shows her defiance.


Somehow, the innate compromising characteristic of man came into the picture, resulting to the “ironing out of differences” among conflicting nations which does not necessarily declare which is right or wrong. In other words, there is no clear decision, just a compromise for some kind of a conditional understanding to avoid further conflicts between the victor and the vanquished.


Along this compromise, what each one can do to maintain relative peace is, perhaps, to be good based on the Golden Rule which is the essence of all religions, an adage that says, “Do Not Hurt Others if You Do Not Want Them to Hurt You”. It is a simple give and take principle that can apply to all peoples and nations.


Finally and most importantly, one should cling more tightly to whatever congregation he has chosen, be the spiritual bonding is done in cavernous basilicas or cathedrals, or a humble space that used to see good old days as an air-conditioner repair shop.


My humble belief is that, spirituality is not measured by an impressive concrete structure, but by sincerity that throbs in one’s heart! One can even venerate manifestations of God under a tree!…and, who can stop somebody from praying for the smooth expurgation of his guts while seated on a toilet bowl?



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