Saluag Island (Sikulan): Tawi-tawi, PH

No Juan Is An Island

My most recent trip made me channel the maritime explorer in me and set out to navigate the farthest reaches of the Philippine archipelago. Last year, I was fortunate to have set foot on the Philippines northernmost island province, Batanes. This year, I was able to explore the far-flung islands of Tawi-tawi. With untainted beaches, amazing culture, and more – Tawi-tawi’s 100 + islands is indeed a fascinating destination with endless surprises for the brave traveller.


Scattered across the Sulu and Celebes seas like emerald gems, this tiny archipelagic province at the southernmost tip of the Philippines has been tainted with not-so-good reputation over the years together with its neighboring provinces (Sulu, Basilan and the entire Zamboanga Peninsula) due to unfortunate Moro raids, and some outbreak of attacks by extortionists. I myself was quite apprehensive of the thought of visiting it. Nonetheless, the wanderlust in me was more than decisive…

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