Kai Zhala!

Waited for quite a long time to write my next post and here I am at an extremely intriguing new place, 1173 km away from home, where I am set to spend the next three years of my college life; Pune City.

A thriving metropolitan, Pune is a hub for businesses and academia and represents a splendid fusion of posh lifestyle and life of the interiors of the city. Pune has magnificently preserved its history, cultures and traditions even after globalisation knocked at its door in the 1990s and transformed the city for good.

Located near the western margin of the Deccan Plateau, the city experiences frequent rain showers and refreshing winds which give people all the more reasons to come and live here.

Many adventurers indulge in trekking activities to disparate places in and around Pune. The treks on these gorgeous lush green mountains are remarkably thrilling…

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The 24 best universities in the world — Kopitiam Bot

(Source: http://www.businessinsider.sg) US News & World Report has released its third annual rankings of the Best Global Universities. Drawing on factors such as breadth of research, global reputation, and the number of books and publications released each year, the list ranks the 1,000 best schools in the world. The ranking features familiar faces at the […]

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Look Who Came to Call on the Hummingbirds Today!

A Kestrel, which is a type of falcon.
I didn’t think it was a friendly visit and the hummingbirds didn’t either!
Kestrels like to hover in the still air and dive bomb their prey at up to 65 miles per hour. The Hummingbirds seemed to know this and cleared out tout de suite !
All except for this juvenile who is not even fully fledged yet. He thought it was a great opportunity to dominate the feeder. Of course since I was out and about, the poor kestrel had to look somewhere else for his morning meal!
And the juvenile hummer lived to fledge another day.
When the kestrel left, the hummers returned.
They are currently consuming approximately 32 ounces of nectar daily!
The kestrel is divine isn’t he? He was quite unafraid. Life at The Holler is really ‘for the birds’ and that is fine by me!
Cheers to…

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Peregrine Precision~

Peregrines dive as if in a dream,
snatching birds in mid-flight,

landing to administer the coup de grace.
Mantling prey on the ground for seconds,


they soon return to rule the skies!

Cheers to you from the lightening-fast-Falcons~

Note: Peregrine Falcons are the fastest-moving creatures on earth and have been clocked diving at up to 242 mph!

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Sitangkai: Seaweed Capital (Tawi-tawi, PH)

No Juan Is An Island

If there is one place in Tawi-tawi that was initially at the top of my list, that has to be the island municipality of Sitangkai. For several years, I have read that this sword-shaped island is the Philippines version of Venice where there are waterways and bridges, instead of roads and streets with a touch of Asian culture. With this narrative alone, it has confined my thoughts for quite some time. (Well who would not have wanted to see Venice?)

And so, when I had the opportunity to visit Tawi-tawi (the Philippines southernmost province) I did not  let pass by the idea of visiting the famed floating market in the Philippines. During our 2nd day in Tawi-tawi, we made our way to Sitangkai. From afar, one would already notice how the island seems to float on water. It is very noticeable that most of the houses were standing on stilts.

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