Kamanbaneng Peak (Sagada, PH)

No Juan Is An Island

All of life is peaks and valleys. Don’t let the peaks get too high and the valleys too low. – John Wooden


Sagada – a backpacking mecca in Northern Philippines.

It’s pretty interesting to note that a rolling terrain, with cows or horses freely roaming and a 360-degrees spectacular view, would often be termed as Marlboro Country. Well, at least, here in the Philippines. Cases in point, Marlboro Country in Batanes (aka Racuh a Payaman), Marlboro Country in Mount Pulag (a campsite via Akiki Trail), and Marlboro Country in Sagada (aka Lamagan or Kamanbaneng Peak). Shall we start blaming the ads of Marlboro (the cigarette)? Nuff said with this common moniker, all three Marlboro Countries are a delight to the eyesight, each of which offers a unique beauty.


Marlboro Country or Kamanbaneng Peak is a 30-45 minute hike from a drop off point in Lamagan, Sagada. To me, it is…

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