Police Killings By Race

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police-killings-by-race-13Is there still systematic abuse of Americans by race?  Is there a war on cops?  Should we protect the police from criticism because we want to show respect to authority and thankfulness for the very difficult and perilous job they do each day?  Are minorities more prone to higher levels of criminal behavior?  If so, is this largely because of ingrained habits within their ethnic groups?

These issues bring up many strong emotions on all sides, among blacks and whites, with defenders of police behavior and the critics.  The statistics behind the sensational news stories often tell a different narrative than what is promoted in the public square.  I’ve provided a sampling below of what I found.

The first chart shows 385 police killings for January-May in 2015, almost 26% of which are deaths of African Americans.  This occurred even though this ethnicity made up only about 12% of the population in 2013 versus…

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Art in Island: Largest 3D Museum in Asia

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Are you an art-slash-photography aficionado who likes to put into test some of your hidden theatrical skills?  Then, this Interactive 3D Art Museum is a perfect place for you. For a price of P500, the museum can take you to Rome to Egypt, ride a flying carpet or a horse-drawn carriage, and up-close encounter with Vincent Van Gogh and more!IMG_20150503_153335

Art in Island is said to be the largest 3D museum in Asia in terms of the number of 3D paintings available (around 200 masterpieces). It was founded by Yun Jae Kyoung together with his other Korean partners. This two-storey museum is about 3,800 square-meters, with 14 3D artists from Korea who worked on the paintings in just four months.

The museum encourages everyone to be a “part of art” hence the term interactive. Unlike many museums, where touching the paintings nor taking pictures of it is not allowed, Art in…

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EREHWON: An Art Center (Quezon City, PH)

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As a child, I was described by my mom as someone who is artistic. I like singing, I like dancing, I like the art per se. My creative side was not only limited to doing these forms of art but is extended to my admiration for museums and the like. And I thank my mom for this “love of the arts” and for exposing me to art at a young age.


As I grew older, I found myself being more fascinated with various forms of art. I found myself visiting more museums and art centers more often. So when an invitation to visit Quezon City’s premier spots which includes art centers, parks and business centers, I immediately signed myself up. This activity is part of the 75th Founding Anniversary of the city where bloggers are given the opportunity to get to know Quezon City attraction drawers. The bloggers who were…

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Kamanbaneng Peak (Sagada, PH)

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All of life is peaks and valleys. Don’t let the peaks get too high and the valleys too low. – John Wooden


Sagada – a backpacking mecca in Northern Philippines.

It’s pretty interesting to note that a rolling terrain, with cows or horses freely roaming and a 360-degrees spectacular view, would often be termed as Marlboro Country. Well, at least, here in the Philippines. Cases in point, Marlboro Country in Batanes (aka Racuh a Payaman), Marlboro Country in Mount Pulag (a campsite via Akiki Trail), and Marlboro Country in Sagada (aka Lamagan or Kamanbaneng Peak). Shall we start blaming the ads of Marlboro (the cigarette)? Nuff said with this common moniker, all three Marlboro Countries are a delight to the eyesight, each of which offers a unique beauty.


Marlboro Country or Kamanbaneng Peak is a 30-45 minute hike from a drop off point in Lamagan, Sagada. To me, it is…

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