New Kid on the Island

The Wondering Wandering Woman

A week ago I hugged my island mates goodbye after we disembarked our plane and collected our bags from the one-room terminal that is Tagbilaran City Airport in Bohol. I folded my long legs into a tiny van and spent three hours trying to keep myself from falling asleep with my head on a strangers’ shoulders. And then I was here: Talibon, my stomping grounds for the next two years.

rainbow I caught a rainbow over Talibon one morning waiting for a boat

The first week as the kid can be tough, even if you’ve done it a handful of times before. But here I am not only “the new kid” at work, but the “new member of the family” and the “new, Amerikana around town” (and only Amerikana, at that). The first few days were equally overwhelming and underwhelming: I hardly did anything, yet everything was overly stimulating. There…

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