The Desire to Survive

The Desire to Survive

By Apolinario Villalobos


All creatures have the innate instinct to survive, either in their sedentary state that do not involve others or in their struggle against their prey. In an urban setting, the ultimate struggle to survive is what scavengers do – live on what can be salvaged from the dump. The indolent on the other hand, live life the easiest way by resorting to evil acts as means to exploit others.


Some plants practically take root even in minute crevices of concrete walls and rock faces of cliffs. Still other plants excrete substance that coat their stem and leaves that some insects living around them use as food, thereby, providing their benefactor protection against their prey.


The classic manifestations of man’s struggle to survive are the wars; among the animals, are their deadly encounters with their kind; and for the plants, the effort to reach up higher skyward than others for the best exposure to the sun.


Without the desire for survival, the purpose of life is lost.



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