Common Sense is the Best Aid for Legislation…not the limelight-flooded hearings



By Apolinario Villalobos



No amount of cover up can deny the ultimate objective of the legislators in conducting “hearing in aid of legislation”. The two Houses keep on denying that they are courts of justice, yet the way they conduct hearings run contrary to their allegation. Hearings drag unnecessarily and are kept on being conducted despite the accumulation of inputs enough to frame a law or laws. It seems that dragging is intentional as the longer the hearings are conducted, the longer they get covered by media…and that’s for free, yet!


On the other hand, the situations that they are investigating do not need costly hearings at all. All they need is conduct sensible and honest-to-goodness researches, for which task, they are supposed to have hired Consultants and Researchers. Expenses for these are supposed to be part of their operating budget that runs into millions of pesos!


In the case of drug trade inside the Bilibid, for instance, how can these lawmakers not know that such activity is not only proliferating, but has even taken root, too deep, to be budged? How can they not know that something is wrong with practically the whole system of the penitentiary which is under the DOJ, as obviously, too, despite its having an Operating Manual? How can they not give attention to the exposes made since the time of Marcos on the anomalies that began as petty ones? How can they not know that the Bilibid has become bigger than an urban barangay or even two combined, complete with luxurious facilities?


On the extrajudicial killings….how can the legislators not know that they are offshoots of double-timing transactions among drug suppliers and their cohorts? How can they not know about drugs being recycled by the police and has become a lucrative business among these rogues in uniform, known as, “police ninjas”? How can they not know that there are vigilantes who take the law into their hands after suffering from disappointments on how cases of their victimized loved ones are shoddily handled by corrupt judges, so called, “rogues in robe”? How can they not know that even remote barangays have been infiltrated by the drug menace, and that hideous crimes, such as rape with murder, kidnapping, hostage-taking, and many others related to it are being committed almost daily?


Law makers can better use their tax-paid time in reviewing old laws that need to be updated rather than come up with many more that are just shelved due to lack of funds needed for their implementation. But then, millions are filched by corrupt officials from the government coffer!



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