Our Family’s Pride…Phyll Krishna


By Rene Aquino


What parent will not be proud of a daughter who, at the age of 8 already knows how to cook, can be trusted in taking care of her young brother, loves books and her subjects at school?


She won modeling competitions for young aspirants four times. Her love for art has strongly manifested in her interest to sketch and paint things that she find around her, aside from dawdling on “self-portraits”.


She is so curious that at a very young age, she was able to accumulate ideas that made her person strong…for that, I could see myself in her. She is in Grade Four and seems to be in a hurry to grow and such desire shows in her matured outlook and the way she expresses herself that tinges of maturity.


Our daughter gives me and her mother so much inspiration to strive harder, especially, now that she has a young brother who, at a young age shows piquant character like his elder sister. I don’t mind working as an administrative staff in a remote government school, particularly at Masiag annex of the Bagumbayan National High School, the way to which winds through muddy trails sliced through lush greenery, for as long as my kids are around when I come home dead tired at the end of the day…and for Krishna?…she is the family’s pride at the moment!



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