The Philippines, America and her CIA


(Blog/installment #1)

By Apolinario Villalobos


I found an interesting dual-titled book, “The Marcoses and the Making of American Policy/ Waltzing with A Dictator” by Raymond Bonner, in of all places – a junk shop! As I am no Marcos fan, I set it aside for a long time and came across it again when I was cleaning my files just recently. I even thought of selling it at a tempting price to a Marcos book collector. At first, I only literally browsed through it, but before reaching the mid-section of the 533-paged book, my attention caught the passages on the life of the couple, Ferdinand and Imelda, Manifest Destiny, American Senate, Philippine election, Vietnam, CIA, etc. I finally, decided to seriously go through the pages and I was taken aback by so many “discoveries” about how the Philippine government has been fiddled with by America, making me think that it could still be happening today, to put Duterte down.


Here are some interesting quoted passages:


Chapter 2/ page 28: “America acquired the Philippines (along with Guam, Puerto Rico and Cuba) as part of the spoils of its war against Spain, a war fought in pursuit of the country’s “Manifest Destiny”. (There was deceit during the so-called “American-Spanish War”. The Filipinos, at the last minute, were not allowed to participate to prevent the ensuing of an “honest-to-goodness” fight against the Spaniards by Aguinaldo and his soldiers who came home from Hongkong for this purpose. As planned by the Americans and Spaniards holed up inside Intramuros, and as part of “negotiation”, there should only be a short exchange of shots, before the white flag shall be held up high by one of the Spaniards on the Intramuros bastion facing Manila Bay, thereby, preventing the unnecessary loss of lives on both the side of the Americans and Spaniards. The “drama” also saved the face of the Spaniards from the shame of cowardice or outright surrender without putting up a fight.)


“Filipinos generally were most appreciative of Dewey and the Americans for having tossed out the Spanish…. But that didn’t mean they were anxious for another colonial master. Under the leadership of Emilio Aguinaldo, they took up against the Americans. Aguinaldo is dismissed in American history as a “rebel”; his guerilla was, which is most certainly was, as an “insurrection”….(When the July 4 marked as Independence Day to correlate with America’s was changed to June 12 which was the date when Aguinaldo declared the Philippine Independence at Kawit (Cavite), America’s ill-feeling toward the Philippines took root.)


Page 29:     “It was a dirty war, marked by racism and atrocities. The Filipinos were considered “savages”, barbarians, a wild and ignorant people”. Entire towns were burned to the ground; in one village every male over ten years old was ordered shot.” (This passage shows how atrocious America can be in realizing her “dream” of “civilizing” a people who, to her are savages and barbarians! It was during this time that water torture was introduced by the Americans to the Filipinos as a form of painful punishment…right in front of their families!)


“The war was fought for businessmen who wanted new profits; generals who wanted bases; and other Americans who just wanted to do good – the “white man’s burden”, as Rudyard Kipling wrote in 1899.” (This passage is an exposition on the greed that underlines the supposedly noble intentions of America in gripping the throat of the Filipinos, despite which she wants the Filipinos to show gratitude to her deceptive intent.)


The country’s Constitution, which had to be approved by President Franklin D. Roosevelt was virtually a rewrite of the American Constitution.” (Despite the two revisions, the Philippine Constitution is still tinged with a heavy color of American influence, that is why there is a need to totally change it, and this time, Congress is working on it, hopefully for its transformation into a federal system which suits in all aspect the various cultures of the Filipinos and the character or lay out of the archipelago.)


Page 30:  “ ….While the Philippine President was the commander in chief….whenever he deemed necessary in order to prevent violence, invasion, insurrection, or rebellion or when the public safety required, he could legally place the Philippines or any part thereof under martial law. It was this provision that Marcos was to invoke in 1972….” (That is how Marcos found out he can be a dictator at all cost.)


“….writes Robert Pringle, a career Foreign Service officer with a doctorate in Southeast Asian history who served in the Philippines in the early 1970s. In a scholarly book Pringle says: ‘Myth number one is that we created democracy in the Philippines; that our colonialism was more enlightened than European colonialism, both in its motivations and its consequences. In fact, American rule bolstered a preexisting landed elite, encouraging it to express itself through representative forms…”(So, now we have political dynasties that virtually eats up the supposedly democratic system of the government!)


Page 32: “….Filipinos were incensed by the Philippine Trade Act which passed by the US Congress in 1946 and set the terms of the economic relationship between the two countries. ….its provisions were far more favorable to AmericansThe provision that most rankled was the one which gave Americans the same rights as Filipinos to exploit the island’s agricultural and mineral resources and to own and operate public utilities. The “parity” clause violated the Philippine Constitution which mandated that Filipinos must own 60% of any business engaged in the development of the country’s natural resources. Under pressure from the United States, the Philippine Legislature approved a constitutional amendment – after expelling on specious grounds leftist members who opposed it”. (The passage refers to the expulsion of the group of Luis Taruc who was elected by the people to Congress. Luis Taruc was identified with the HUK, shortened from HUKBALAHAP (Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon) that originally fought the Japanese invaders but later reduced to insurgent group due to their disappointment at the dereliction of the Philippine government in granting the promises made after their surrender. And, it is very unfortunate that until today, many Filipinos think that America is very GENEROUS toward the Philippines! )


There are many more passages pointing to how America exploited the Philippines. More will be shared on how the CIA came into the picture….and how their “tactics” exploited even the deep religiosity of the Filipinos.


The meddling of the Americans in the affairs of the Philippines even went as far as the expulsion of Marcos and the installation of Cory Aquino. Today, tongues are wagging if America is also doing something through the CIA, to deface Duterte, as the agency is said to be expert in coming up with manipulative documentaries. CIA agents are known to infiltrate organizations. Such assumptions are in the face of the obvious orchestrated “tactics” in connivance with Filipino personalities who, perhaps, are trembling at the president’s vocally- expressed threat of their eventual persecution…add to their number the drug lords who are already hurting from the jabs of the president. To make the covert obvious, from all angles, manipulations are emanating from America, simultaneously with those coming right within the Philippines.


Note: Underlines provided to some statements are mine, as well as, the commentaries that are enclosed in parenthesis.)



The Geopolitical Game and Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines



By Apolinario Villalobos



America bit the bait dangled by the detractors of Rodrigo Duterte on the issue of the “extra judicial killings” in the Philippines imagined by them to be perpetrated by him. These detractors are obviously funded by drug lords who want to liquidate him, as well as, his political opponents with misdoings when they held the reins of the government, hence, lined up for future prosecution/investigation as what is being done to de Lima. If these detractors want “due process”, here’s one for them: PROVE THAT DUTERTE DID ALL THE JUDICIAL KILLINGS.


On the part of the Americans, they did not even give a damn thought on the much-talked about narco-politics and corruption that is gnawing at the whole system of the country. Two American senators did not even give a thought on the fact that the three branches of the government are independent from each other, hence, their call for Duterte to put the Judiciary system in order first, before embarking into the “genocide” of drug addicts is out of tune, as he belongs to the Executive branch, ergo, has got nothing to do with the Judiciary…and who are they to pre-judge Duterte as criminal?…they who live so far away from the Philippines?


America gave Duterte a reason to react to their uncalled for remarks which are tantamount to dipping of their fingers in the internal affairs of the Philippines, much more, in accusing the president of embarking on a genocide of drug addicts. What a way to defend criminals! As a show of nervous reaction, American legislators practically take every statement of Duterte literally. So perhaps, if Duterte will compare a person to a fly, these white-skinned wise guys will assume that the person is really a fly! On the issue of the genocide, what has America done on the genocides happening in African countries that involve tribes….if the image that she wants to project is that of a “Big Brother” of the world?


The best thing that America could have done when Duterte took office as president was discreetly offer help for his immediate plan to embark on a drive against illegal drugs. But she took her time, as if cautiously observing what this ordinary looking and cussing guy from the south of the Philippines can do to realize his ranting against the drug lords and drug pushers…short of saying, “let us see if he can do it”, obviously underestimating his capability.


On the issue of the West Philippine Sea, looking back to so many years in the past, America kept a “safe distance” from the issue. It did not say anything when a concrete facility built by the Chinese suddenly popped up on one of the contested shoals. It maintained the principle of distance and her being a non-claimant, hence, has no business in the contested maritime area. It did not do anything when the Chinese poachers practically “mined” the reefs for their rare corals and shells. Finally, she gave hollow warnings to China only after more shoals have been transformed into fake islands and when the UN committee that handled the maritime dispute issued its verdict in favor of the Philippines. But, they remained as warnings while China does not give a damn as she bides her time in reclaiming more reefs. The warnings even made many wonder if they were sincerely given, considering the tight financial grip that China has on the neck of America.


Duterte knows for a fact that America will never release her hold on the Philippines based on the issue of strategic location in Southeast Asia. America needs the Philippines to maintain her dominance of the world, and so it seems.  In this regard, every time Duterte utters the scrapping of the joint exercises between the US and the Philippine militaries, he makes the American leadership nervous. The overt high regard of Duterte to China and Russia makes America more nervous.


If America is wise, she should behave the way she should and respect the sovereignty of the Philippines, not like a landlady admonishing a tenant who has long overdue unpaid bills. Unfortunately for her, the new president of the Philippines is one who has been toughened with nationalism, ill-feeling against corruption, and illegal drugs….also, one who cannot be bent with threats….traits of a leader in a world beset with bluffs, exploitation, and treachery among the weak and strong nations that characterize geopolitics.


With the shaky relationship of the Philippines with America, Duterte this time is holding on to the ace. America should better think twice before making her next move and utter another statement. She should realize this time that she is not the only powerful nation in the whole world, based on the economic trends and political movements that constantly re-align alliances among nations. What is clear here is that America IS NOT THE ONLY OPTION….in the game of geopolitics.



The Damage Done by Illegal Drug in the Philippines is Beyond Repair



By Apolinario Villalobos


It is easy for some people to condemn the perpetrators of death outside the court of justice -the extrajudicial killings of the drug pushers and drug lords. For them such despicable act is unfair as those dead were not given a day in court. In other words, their death is uncalled for, unjust and unfair. BUT…. what about the victims who are also humans? Don’t they have similar rights to life, most especially, unlike the killed crooks, they keep their keeps by dint of hard work and honesty? When drug pushers did their thing before they got killed, they were aware of the consequence of their malevolent act, yet they went ahead in their desire to earn dirty and easy money, and more so with the drug lords. Some people have the guts to defend the right to life of the killed criminals, when such right is supposed to end, where the right of the righteous ones begins.


In my reply to the comment of a friend who read my blog about de Lima, I mentioned about my wish for somebody to mediate between the senator and president Duterte, so that they can patch up their differences and work together in the spirit of reconciliation. But on second thought I now have a change of heart as I realized that despite the six years with the Commission on Human Rights and another six years as secretary of Justice, she did nothing much  about the drug menace.


On the other hand, the families of the victims of Maguindanao got depressed and disappointed when the promised sealing of the case was not realized despite the glaring evidences against the Ampatuans and their cohorts. The Mamasapano massacre until now is shelved…etc. Meanwhile, the drug problem even got worst during her last months with the DOJ, as many are now claiming that the raids she initiated at the Bilibid were all done for show. Her stint at the DOJ reeked of anomalies that are being investigated, and which lately brought her to the verge of emotional breakdown. In view of all those, I regretted having brought out such impossible wish for mediation…


There are positives on the character of some leaders who have been condemned, and that cannot be denied. For instance, despite the Marcos couple being viewed as “money greedy”, during their time there was a significant cultural and industrial leap that resulted to the emergence of Cultural Center complex in Pasay City, construction of the LRT which proves to be more reliable than the MRT of the later administration, the establishment of the special centers for heart and kidney, the improvement of the Philippine General Hospital facilities, and made the peso among the most stable currencies in the region, etc.  Pnoy Aquino’s nonchalant attitude toward issues some of which put him in the bad light, prevented the widening of the rift between his supporters and critics.


But in the case of de Lima, I cannot find any redeeming factor that could have lighten up her bad image today. Her supposedly last hurrah – the raids of Bilibid were believed to be a “moro-moro”.  Just a few days after her election as senator, she and Trillanes even gave out warnings to Duterte who, they promised will not have smooth sailing as president while they are at the senate.


Good for Trillanes because he maintained a low profile. But with, de Lima, she even instigated the compounding of her differences with the president by insisting a senate hearing on extrajudicial killing which is uncalled for due to its “historicity”, being purportedly done while Duterte was yet, the mayor of Davao. Her move was viewed as an impediment to the effort of Duterte in eradicating the drug menace in the country now that he is the president of the country. Duterte extended a hand to de Lima during his SONA, but despite the implied good intention of reconciliation, she went ahead with the senate hearing. De Lima should have treated the handshake as a sign that Duterte was willing to discuss confidential matters with her, just as he did to Robredo, who despite his early declarations of her as out of the Malacaἧan circle, was  given her coveted responsibility, as czarina of housing program.


Nevertheless, had de Lima manifested humility, it could have fortunately earned an act of reconciliation from Duterte. Good thing it did not happen, though, as those who voted for him may have cried “foul” due to the irreparability of the drug menace which to them developed into a humungous irreparable state, as she did nothing despite her 12-year powerful authority and clout before she became a senator.

Due Process?…Aww, come on!


By Apolinario Villalobos



Given: The democracy system of the Philippines has three branches, Executive, Judiciary, and Legislative which are independent from each other.


Scenario 1:  Apprehension of Drug Addict/Runner/Pusher


  • The police apprehends the culprit and logs the incident in the precinct’s “blotter”. THE POLICE IS UNDER THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH – THE PRESIDENT VIA THE PNP.


  • The culprit is brought to the fiscal’s office for “booking”. THE JUDGE IS UNDER THE JUDICIARY BRANCH.


  • The action of the judge who accepted the bail is based on the law. THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH MADE THE LAW.




  • What if the judge is in the payroll of the drug lord as manifested by the “quick” release of apprehended culprit due to the bail readily handed out by the financier, most of the time? It has been observed that many organized “akyat bahay” crimes and drug pushing culprits enjoy this system because “financiers” are waiting at the fiscal’s office, so that on the same day of “booking”, they became free again.


  • What can the president do if he cannot meddle in the affairs of the Judiciary which could have been infested with corruption for a long time, as such assumption brought to light the so-called “rogues in robe”? He cannot give orders to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to cleanse their rank. This is the reason why the Chief Justice suddenly kept quiet after the president told her to mind her own business, after she attempted to admonish him.


  • What can the president do to the drug-related laws that are full of holes as undoing or revising them can virtually takes an eternity, considering the slow-footedness of the lawmakers, some of whom have been found to be corrupt and even involved in narco-politics?


  • Why can’t the law makers do something to patch up the holes of the law?…is it because doing so will affect their “benefits”? Take note that until today, the information transparency enjoyed by the journalists is limited only to the Executive Branch because a totally encompassing law based on the Freedom of Information Bill, is yet to be passed by the Legislative, BUT WHICH THE LATTER HAS INDEFENITELY SHELVED. The issue on the political dynasty bill is another question which the Legislative has to answer…that if ever it will be passed, how “realistic” can it be?




  • The deeply-rooted corruption in the whole system of the Philippine governance has been inherited by the current president, Duterte, even those under his stead, such as the New Bilibid Prison, Philippine National Police and the rest of government agencies.


  • The president has no hold on the Judiciary and the Legislative branches, hence, has no say on the corruption that proliferates among their members, except if their acts affect the operation of the Executive Branch, one of which is the de Lima/Bilibid case because the network of anomaly has included personnel under the Executive Branch.


  • Obviously, the reason why there was a massive change of color from “yellow” and “white” to “red” is the nauseating corrupt political system of the country.







Angel…the young female cobbler of Barangay Real Dos, Bacoor City (Cavite)



By Apolinario Villalobos


When I passed by the small “hole on the wall” shoe repair shop on my way to the bus stop, I took notice of a girl who was busy repairing shoes. I got curious so I stopped for a while for a short chat. She was pretty and with all sincerity replied to my queries. I found out that she is living in with the younger brother of the owner of the shop who also works at Quickie, a well-known, bags and shoes repair outfit. She is Angel, just turned twenty, and from a district in Leyte, near Tacloban City. Her live in partner is Junel who works full time in a store in Molino, but earns extra cash at the shoe repair shop on his days off.


Angel admitted that in her earnest to learn the trade, she had to go to the shop in time for a close observation at how the intricate manual sewing is done by Junel or his brother. She goes to the shop as early as eight in the morning when Junel’s elder brother, Noy opens it before reporting to work. Noy who is barely past his thirty years is also living in with an equally hardworking young woman, as a crew of a pizza outlet. Tuesdays are Noy’s days off, so both he and Angel man the shop, while on weekends, Junel takes the place of Noy. On days that both Noy and Junel are in their regular job, Angel has the shop all her own.


What struck me is the seriousness of Angel in facing the challenges of living with a young husband, and without a stable financial support that would prop them up. She has no qualms in doing a man’s job to earn honestly for their future. She could have worked in a bar where easy money is, or aspire for an entertainer’s job in Japan because of her good looks. On the contrary she preferred mending shoes and does not mind the glue messing up her candle-slim fingers.