The Hystirics of de Lima during the 28 September morning Presscon



By Apolinario Villalobos


The hysterical antics of de Lima during a presscon at the Senate in the morning of 28 September could have been another attempt to show her innocence of the drug crimes thrown at her. Obviously she was trying to pinch the heart of those who took time in listening to her emotional presentations.


She did not take the presscon opportunity to explain what happened to the millions and various jewelries turned over to her after a raid of NBP, in which only 1.6M pesos was reported. Those involved in the turnover are asking where the more than 300M pesos went. She even presented a text message which for her implied that Sebastian was being forced to testify against her, when the message was a simple plea from the wife of the subject detainee to tell everything he knows to end his ordeal as practically, fingers of the detainee/resource persons were all pointing at him. That being alleged, Sebastian is being viewed as the direct connect to de Lima who could further pin her down. In that case, who would “desire” to eliminate him?


In her dire effort to defend herself, de Lima put the life of Sebastian in jeopardy when she said that he is a government “asset”. But then, this allegation has raised many eyebrows, as how can an “asset” whose activities are supposed to be covert, meet with a government official in full view of other inmates? One witness even testified that Sebastian bragged about his close connection with de Lima, emphasizing such arrogance with an assurance that de Lima would come at a certain time to visit him which indeed happen during which she had a grand couple or more hours with him in his luxurious “kubol. If he is a witness as de Lima is alleging, all she could have done was summon him secretly for a meeting at one of the offices of NBP. The publicly exposed allegations are what de Lima should refute instead of being hysterical during the presscon in the morning of September 28. The hystirics of de Lima according to Duterte are signs of her ominous breakdown.


Overall, though, I surmised that de Lima could be a very very fine coach for elocutions and declamations. She did a very good performance which deserves a gold medal, had it been done during an inter-collegiate literary competition.

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