The light breeze in Gangwondo

Thoughts of SheryL

South Korea is not just all about skin care, cosmetics, K-pop, Kdramas, and pali pali (빨리빨리!) culture. The latter means to be quick. As you may know, Koreans love (if I may use it) to get things done quickly. Hence pali pali (Hurry! Hurry!) will echo in your ears most of the time once you’re there. The good Korea also has something that would make you somehow escape from the rush scene of the city. Moreover, if you are in the mood for fresh seafood and sea viewing, head to Gangwondo. 

From Hanwha Resorts my in-laws and I went on a less an hour drive to Gangwondo for dinner. My husband mentioned about going to a seafood restaurant there. Made me feel so excited because it’s not all the time that Danny and I are able to eat such food in Japan. As soon as I got…

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