Elevating Dark Glory


I glorify Intellect
indulging it
with mischievous minds
and expensive poetry.
You’re an extravaganza
like a thousand eclipses
falling on my mind
and a million constellations
bursting in my eyes.

You glorify glamour
It’s never two for the show
always one for the splendor.
Drenched in dazzling crystals
they hurt they kill
they sizzle
But you come to me
like roses bloom for ego
and the earth moves for tomorrow.

Let the darkness stay inside
Let it fester and mortify
Grow and swallow whole
Any of the light left in me
But I must stay pale,
For the light must reflect off me
So other people see the light
Not the darkness,
Of which I have become so fond
Keeps me company
during the long nights
Of demons, tears and howls
Pale consumed by darkness
It’s all so fashionable now.



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