On Unloading of Emotional Burdens


By Apolinario Villalobos


Many people are very trustful that they don’t give a hoot as to whose shoulder they cry on every time they have a problem. Worse is the habit of some who cry in public which naturally attracts attention. But still worst are some, whose unburdening of emotions assumes violent countenance!


Some friends can be such today- FRIENDLY, but tomorrow, they may become your detractor, so woe to you after unburdening your problems to these unfaithful friends, as they now have a tight grip on your life. Those who cry for attention, get it at the expense of their privacy. In other words, those who unload their problems carelessly realize their mistake belatedly!


Another most common way of unloading emotions is by being loud…literally, to the extent of being foul-mouthed. On the lighter side, this may be the safest because aside from keeping your secrets to yourself, you don’t get to hurt or kill others. Still, such expression is bad…for what do you call invectives with plea to high heavens that others be damned?


But, what many UNCONSCIOUSLY do is that they are unloading emotional burdens to HIM in private….as they cry out to Him every time they feel pain while having a difficult early morning excretal session in the toilet due to a dysfunctional colon….as they cry out to Him in a urinal while trying to piss but suffer instead, because of gonorrhea…as they invoke His name while letting out a torrent of tears due to a gnawing toothache…as they hiss His name while  knocking at their head due to a skull-breaking migraine…even women who suddenly remembers His name while delivering in pain, shouts it… etc.


Finally, it should be observed that, while we CONSCIOUSLY unburden our emotional loads to others and profusely thank them afterwards for providing us a shoulder….ironically, we UNCONSCIOUSLY UNLOAD OUR PAIN TO HIM, WHOM WE FORGET TO THANK AFTERWARDS…THAT IS HOW INGRATE WE ARE!




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