The Appalling Hypocrisy that Cloaks Humankind


By Apolinario Villalobos


When China initiated a bold expansion of her maritime territory that practically encroached into other nations’ own, the United Nations looked the other way…the United States did not give a damn, not even Russia, Great Britain. When realization about the imminent danger to the international community was finally perceived, affected nations reacted, the United States issued warnings, but with crossed fingers behind her. The Philippines has been left with her lonely struggle to assert her rights. Big nations of the world became noisy and issued their own warnings. Despite those, China went ahead and today, is almost finished with her grand design for the West Philippine Sea. The world has been entertained by a collective hypocritical concern for a struggling nation, the Philippines who buoyantly thinks, she will succeed in her lone quixotic effort!


Despite the fact that the internet is flooded with information about the corruption of leaders of big nations, no other leader of other nations ever attempted to call their attention because it would be unbecoming and undiplomatic. So while corrupt leaders suck the life out of their suffering constituents, other leaders look on because to lift a finger is unethical, especially, if the nations concerned are almost their equal. But when leaders of third-world nations become controversial in their leadership style, their counterparts from giant nations croak their “concern”.


As a president or as a prime minister or as whatevergoddamnpositionyougot, one MUST always be “good mannered, kindly, apologetic, Godly, etc.”. To utter one brash word, a president becomes unfit to the office to which he is elected. How sure can the whole world be that leaders of other nations, big or small, don’t ever mumble the equivalent of “Shit”, “God damn you”, “To hell with you”, and othershits in their language when they are within the confines of their office and confronted with a head-breaking situation? If the goodmannereds say it is okey so long as the public does not hear them….is that not a shitty hypocrisy?


Looking back to the time of Jesus, when Herod sentenced him to die on the cross, the latter washed his hands…a blatant show of hypocrisy. Still looking back at the earlier chapters of the Old Testament, the god of the Israelites told them to kill those who would block their way to the Promised Land… is there no hypocrisy in such instruction as humans are supposed to lover each other? If their god was a powerful one, why didn’t he just strike the pagans with enlightening lightning to jolt them into a compassionate state to make them share their land with the Israelites whom he made to roam the desert for forty years?


Splinters of the Mosaic/Sinaic faith fight to death for the sake of their supposedly right teaching but act differently which led even Jesus to brand them all as hypocrites. Today, it is still happening within the so many established churches resulting to the sprouting of various new and enlightened Christian communities to which dissenting members found solace as they could no longer stand the obnoxious air of hypocrisy within the walls of their former cathedrals and chapels.


Plagiarism is a common word that has become as common as the expression, “shit”. Writers of politicians plagiarize essays to be transformed into remarkable speeches for their bosses. Students of reputable universities and colleges copy/paste uploads of authors- known and unknown… word for word, chapter for chapter, from the internet to be submitted as thesis which their professors accept trustfully. Identification cards, personal documents, land titles, etc. are forged. Enterprising people come up with fake food, fake brands of commodities, and many others. Laws are passed against them, but how many are slapped with appropriate penalties? We hate these acts, yet, the attitude is one of hypocritical and selfishness….looking the other way while hoping that they do not get worse or affect us. While the pretense prevails, the commission of such malevolent acts venture beyond control and gets worst!


At this juncture, I dare say, humanity dwells on hypocrisy….so each of us should stop asking why we are living in such a “cruel world”!



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