The Latest Bombing in Davao City


By Apolinario Villalobos



Now it can be told… the latest bombing in Davao City showed that some Filipinos cannot make themselves feel for the crime victims in their effort to discredit the effort of Duterte to clip illegal drug trade and other form of criminality, in the bud. Instead of sympathizing with and show compassion to the victims, they instead, released unsavory remarks about the “arrogance” of Duterte. For them, the “courage” of the new president to clash head-on with the drug lords and other criminals in the country is a show of “arrogance”. For these detractors, the “laxity” of the past presidents as regards the various menace of the society is “piety” which for them cannot be replaced by any option even in the face of the dreaded threat by the criminals to totally destroy the country’s future.


The latest bombing also showed the inutility of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) as instead of dipping its finger in the investigation, it instead, reacted to the declaration of the “State of Lawless Violence” by president Duterte. Obviously, the CHR does not seem to stand on its mandate to protect the rights of the victims of criminalities. What they seem to protect are the rights of those who commit crimes…PEOPLE, WHO BY THEIR CRIMINAL ACTS AGAINST THE INNOCENT, HAVE CEASED TO BE HUMANS!


The seemingly lack of interest by the international social media should be treated as a blessing in disguise. The incident in Davao is an obvious isolated smear campaign against the administration and has been anticipated by the military as Abu Sayyaf’s reaction to its incessant campaign to pulverize this terroristic group….some sort of a diversionary tactic. The pronouncement was made by the military after it has reaped partial success against the group. It was purely a terroristic act that, not even first-world nations like the United States, France, and Germany cannot check 100%.


As the State of Lawless Violence is intended for the whole country, every Filipino should show utmost cooperation. Detractors should stop messing it up by spreading rumors about its being a precursor of the Martial Law which the president himself, has already denied many times. This is the time for the whole nation to stand as one against criminality in any form.

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