Walk Away

Color My World

by: Buddy Resurreccion

published in The Inquirer Golf Monthly (August 2016 edition)

Buddy is a sportswriter,  an avid sportsfan, and a bosom friend with a super-creative mind. During his younger days, he was considered a major miracle worker and an upcoming golf mentor when he guided an erstwhile underachieving jungolf team of Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club to a series of dominant victories in the late 80s. Aguinaldo Golf had been a perennial non-performer in the Philippine golf circuit then, but Buddy’s Midas Touch changed all that. 

Buddy became the darling of the golfing community by the early 90s, before he decided to leave all the drudgery behind to conquer new frontiers in Indonesia. He returned after a decade of the easy life in Menado, Indonesia, and is happy professing his dynamic wisdom and eccentric, yet brilliant ideas through Facebook.

Buddy continues to delve in sports today, through his column on…

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