Dragon Boating in Bohol

Color My World

by Michelle P. So

– from Sunstar Cebu’s ‘Caught in the Net’ (Mar 27, 2013)

dragon boat drama!!

TWO Decembers ago in Singapore, my friend Brandy Llenos brought me to a party hosted by his German friend. The guests were of various nationalities and quite a number of them were of European descent.

That party stuck in my memory for two reasons: spicy brewed wine and the toned women. The women, who were quite fond of Brandy, were members of dragon boat teams in Singapore. I had just run the marathon that morning but I felt physically inadequate among the female paddlers.

To address my physical inferiority, I helped myself to another glass of the brewed wine.

The women had upper back and shoulders that can carry the world, Atlas-style.

I bring this up because of a dragon boat race coming up next month not too far from Cebu. For the novelty of…

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