A Sweet Chili Love

8 Mar 2015 | Davao City, Philippines —

One Sunday, I tried out the newest addition Manila-based milk tea shop in Davao – Serenitea. Thanks to my charming friend who insisted to tag along with me to church. So right after the service, we headed to this place.

You could see a wall of foliage the moment you enter and the interior design is just eyesome!

(c) Serenitea Davao Facebook

20150308_183203 I have this thing with floors… NOT!

One good thing they offer is that you can adjust the sweetness of your drink from 0-100%.

20150308_180904 Taro Lover Php100 (left) and Matcha Latte Php125 (right) in medium size.

2015-03-10 15.12 Chicken Chops Php80

Because my friend likes that zesty spice in the chicken chops so much, she requested for a refill which surprised the staff, but gave her anyway. I guess it’s one unusual practice of the customers in Davao branch.

I’m not a…

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