Life as a Toy

Life As A Toy

By: Kevin Norbert G. Lopez


I am your friend, foe, or lover,

I’ll be here especially when you’re sober.

I will love you until the end of time,

So for you, I’ll make this poem rhyme.


To express my love for you,

I’ll make it rhyme as we are too.

Until you find another I shall stay,

I will be with you and no other way.


Until you get tired of playing with me,

I was built to be played, you see.

Although I was built to smile,

My sadness would shed me tears of Nile.


I can’t help but to be sad,

I am a toy but to me you’re my lad.

You’re a friend I always wait to knock on my door,

I may be a toy, but I hope you play with my feelings no more.

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