By: Kevin Norbert G. Lopez



A feeling we must endure;

A state where we’re unsure.

Under the light or the lonely night,

I feel down, giving up without a fight.

No more energy to fill me up!

No more family to fill my cup!

Only birds to hear as they sing.

Sing a song to their loved ones as they spread their wings and present a ring.

I had the same story once,

It crumbled apart as they left.

Not caring nor giving me any heft.

I turned to my left then to my right.

I see no one I know in sight.

How it feels to be alone?

No one to comfort you, not the unknown.

Until sundown I shall await the arrival of a friend or foe.

Losing time, my life at stake

Only I hope, what I reap I do not sow.

My fault was mine,

Alone it was mine to bear and dine!

Alone I shall stand and seek

A friend or foe that I might speak.

Until the end I shall strive

Until the day I will thrive!

No more state where we’re unsure,

No more sadness–a feeling we must endure.

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