Lazy River (Of Dreams)

typhoon lagoon1 (2)
Last weekend, some 1500 Americans, participating in the Port Huron ‘Float Down’ event, illegally crossed into Canadian waters, swept by strong winds and somewhat pickled senses.  The annual event sees participants carelessly meandering the treacherous waters of the St. Clair River donning only air mattresses, plastic rafts or inner tubes, whilst consuming copious quantities of personality-enhancing beverages.  A moveable ‘lazy river’ the likes of which no Disney water park could compete with.

What could possibly go wrong?

Floaters began their journey at Lighthouse Beach in Port Huron (Michigan), with the intent of floating 8 miles down river (which happens to be the international boundary between Michigan and Ontario), their destination, Chrysler Beach.

But winds in excess of 30 miles per hour had other plans.

Like refugees escaping their war-torn homeland, the flotsam and jetsam eventually made landfall on the banks of Sarnia Ontario, most plucked from the water by the…

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