Lazy River (Of Dreams)

typhoon lagoon1 (2)
Last weekend, some 1500 Americans, participating in the Port Huron ‘Float Down’ event, illegally crossed into Canadian waters, swept by strong winds and somewhat pickled senses.  The annual event sees participants carelessly meandering the treacherous waters of the St. Clair River donning only air mattresses, plastic rafts or inner tubes, whilst consuming copious quantities of personality-enhancing beverages.  A moveable ‘lazy river’ the likes of which no Disney water park could compete with.

What could possibly go wrong?

Floaters began their journey at Lighthouse Beach in Port Huron (Michigan), with the intent of floating 8 miles down river (which happens to be the international boundary between Michigan and Ontario), their destination, Chrysler Beach.

But winds in excess of 30 miles per hour had other plans.

Like refugees escaping their war-torn homeland, the flotsam and jetsam eventually made landfall on the banks of Sarnia Ontario, most plucked from the water by the…

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Mount Maculot – Review


Mount Maculot on a clear day. Thanks to Vincent for the Photo. Mount Maculot on a clear day . Thanks to Vincent for the photo.

Mount Maculot – was my first mountain climb and I would like to share the things that I like and don’t about it. 

The good.

  1. Mount Maculot offers a lot of scenery. There is the view from Rockies, the Summit and the Grotto.
  2. It is rich with diverse vegetation that makes the mountain very cool.
  3. It is filled with very unique looking insects.
  4. Very few mosquitoes if they have one at all, I don’t recall bitten.
  5. There are a lot of stop over where you can rest and drink. No need to carry heavy amounts of water.
  6. Although the height (930 meters above sea level) of the mountain is great the climb was not very dangerous. You just need endurance to do the long walks. There were only two parts that was hard in the descend. One part is rocky and the other…

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New York City


My heart pounded at an unknown pace trying to say something my brain couldn’t process, a smile came upon my face instantaneously for i hadn’t just stepped in New York but i had also stepped into a dimensionless space; my own dream.

The skyline was a sheer spectacle. Everything about the city was geometrically accurate. Everything looked ‘picture perfect’.
There is so much that the city has to offer, museums, modern architectural marvels, world cuisines, shopping squares and a lot more. Few places that one must be able to check off after a New York trip are Times Square, Central Park, Wall Street, Empire State Building and Statue Of Liberty.
Walking is by far the best way to explore the city, enjoy the true essence of the place and meet new people.
Spending some time in the serene Central park keeps you fresh and helps you gather positivity. Surrounded by…

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Hong Kong 


There are a lot of places in the world where I’d like to go, but there are significantly fewer where I’d like to live.

A land of hauté skyscrapers, heavenly food, diverse traditions and breathtaking landscapes is like a chest of gold for explorers and travellers. The city nurtures a blend of its modern commercial persona and the diverse influence of its Chinese roots and colonial connections.

You could be enjoying the rains, tapping your feet gently to the music of a couplet of poets, relishing the beauty of the local cuisine, witnessing the spectacle of the symphony of lights at the Victoria Harbour when the feeling of not having to live here forever would start gnawing at you.

Here, I was welcomed by a rain shower followed by a perfect rainbow which I think was the best possible start to my trip.

(Also, it’s quite intriguing that wherever I…

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The volcanoes of the Kuril islands


Volcano_KurilIslands_1Geothermal landscape and volcanic caldera, Kuril Islands, Sakhalin Oblast (source: Bing Wallpaper Archive)

The Kuril Islands form a volcanic island archipelago that stretches approximately 1,300 km northeast from Hokkaido, Japan, to Kamchatka, Russia. The 56 islands chain has around 100 volcanoes, some 40 of which are active.

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On Defending Idolized Politicians and Blogging



By Apolinario Villalobos


The problem with the “defenders” or “supporters” of politicians is that they tend to be overzealous in what they do and say to the point of even killing or get killed by those who belong to the “contra-partidos”. Most often, during election campaign, we hear of political leaders being ambushed on the way to rally sites or shot right inside their home. When they die, the politicians that they support shoulder the wake and burial expense….that’s all. Some politicians do not even know most of these “leaders” from Adam or Eve, except those who belong to their inner circle, as they are just names on their payroll. The tight handshake and smile that the politicians give to the “lesser leaders” do not necessarily mean closeness. After the election, winning politicians forget the names even of those who belong to their “inner circle”, as new set of butt-lickers march into their offices.


In blogging, there should likewise, be restraint in the showing of emotion. Bloggers should stick to the issue and not the character of fellow bloggers. Commentors to the blogs are considered as bloggers themselves, hence, they become responsible for the enhancement that they contribute to the blog, be it positive or negative. Again, idolized politicians do not personally know all the bloggers who support them, so there is no reason why the latter should overdo their unsolicited overzealousness. Laying down one’s own ideas to support those of the idolized politician should be enough to show that the supportive bloggers are just around…the bigger their number, the better.


I must admit that I have been guilty of overzealousness in the course of my blogging that made me cuss sometimes. Fortunately, I do not cuss anybody in particular, not even the politicians who I hate, as I do it only to release my pent up emotions being one with a “type A” personality. To show more maturity in this effort, though, I try my best not to cuss…unless provoked. Again, as expressed in my earlier blogs, I am not a saint who is virtually shielded with Godliness, as I consider myself an ordinary creature who has got no patience in just parrying insults to my person. I am not the type of a guy who throws back bread to someone who bombards him with rocks. As we all know, bread is a precious food so I can’t just throw it at an idiot who deserves a rock, instead….which for me should not only be a single rock, but a huge one, too!….bashers deserve a Peter to jolt them back to their sanity!