The Stereotyping of People based on “First Impression”



By Apolinario Villalobos


People have varied attitude and character, with the negative ones most often surfacing when they react to harrowing experience in the hands of others. Some people are just not patient enough to stand the ordeal of being ridiculed and downtrodden….as they have no saintly character. When they show unsavory reaction such as flaring up and to a point, cuss, they are marked as “bad”.  What is forgotten is the word, “provocation”. Simply put, had these hyper and “Type A” people, been not provoked, the flaring up or cussing, may have been avoided.


People who know about their being a “Type A”, take extra care not to be provoked as even their physician gives them such order. But for how long can their patience hold their senses together in a situation where they are confronted with inconsiderate people that make their blood pressure dangerously zoom up if they will not release the tension in the form of anger? There are also people who become momentarily blinded with anger resulting to a violent act on their part, or worst, their death due to heart attack! The “take it easy” from compassionate friends is easier said than done.


Some people try their best to generate a good “first impression” from others by showing their good side and many of them are expert in this farce. Some of them are the “saintly” church-going regulars who assume their true character upon reaching home. And, some still, who can act out this travesty in the best hypocritical way are the “kind” politicians who do all possible to land a post in the government as they go around kissing sweaty checks, embracing tobacco-reeking old folks, and shaking grimy hands when they campaign prior to election…but show their true color as they assume their office. In this regard, people would not just believe when allegations about their involvement in drug cases and ghost projects are exposed!


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