Pokémon Go is Setting the Standards for Next-Gen Gaming


In the world of mobile gaming, the most popular game today is obviously Pokémon Go. Now that developers have witnessed how people have reacted to the game, more game creators will surely pattern their future titles on Satoshi Tajiri’s magnum opus.


One of Pokémon Go’s most obvious spinoff is the Night Terrors augmented reality game, which is a title that targets horror fans. It uses the same augmented reality concept of Pokémon Go, with the only difference that instead of searching for cute Pokémons, players are met with ghostly images and eerily spooky sounds. If that isn’t terrifying enough, the game also interferes with a phone’s operating system by sending frightening texts and ghastly pictures. The game play takes place at home, after dark, accompanied by headphones, which means it’s ideal for all horror fans out there.

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