Bali Trip Chronicles: Hubby’s Bday

Thoughts of SheryL

Day 5

July 11, 2016 (Monday)

This was my first time celebrating Danny’s birthday together. The previous one was when we were still in this crazy LDR. 😀 How wonderful it is to greet the one you love a happy birthday right in front of you who was once miles away from your touch. Now that we’re together, I can do anything I want to with him. Nothing is even more special than that. Video calling is not the most essential thing in our relationship now. Unlike before, it was really hard. I always wanted to touch his face, hug and kiss him a lot but I couldn’t. There was this darn barrier. Distance.  Shout-out to LDR couples! I bet you understand how I feel. 🙂

We decided to do some hiking. Since Legian Beach was not that far from our hotel, it had to be our first stop. The…

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