Painful Love

 Painful Love

By: Kevin Norbert G. Lopez


Thy melancholic eyes tore my heart asunder,

While thy life endures the raging storm and thunder.

I pity thee for thy misery,

Come tomorrow t’will be history…


The future remains a mystery,

Who knows? Might as well ask thee to marry me.


All men were given freedom to love,

Love freely like a flying dove.

Mind not the obstacles ahead of us,

Our fate decides, the future is just.


Cease thine eyes from pouring rain,

Pain in this world is mundane.

Hurt me, Hurt thee!

Come and see!

I shall stay by thy side,

Even gods would abide.


Obey! I say, obey!

They’ll realize someday,

My world would subside

Without thee by my side.


Thy pleasing smile heals my wounded heart,

Makes me forget my bitter past.

I hope, indeed, that we will last,

Lest this might be just another painful art.


After the raging storm and thunder,

Rainbow above, chaotic under.

Does it ever make you wonder?

Why is it when you love me now my heart would grow fonder?


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