Peter’s Cellar – Revisited

Update: August 13th 2016
I’ve had a few requests to post some photos of Peter’s Cellar upon completion.  And considering I’m currently seated at the Buffalo airport awaiting a flight to Orlando, what better way to keep my Blog updated, than by rehashing an older post.

My tiny pub is still a work in progress (and likely always will be), however if you scroll to the bottom, you can view the newest distraction to my Blogging regime.


Peter’s Cellar.  Not a bad name for a pub, a shed pub that is.  I don’t personally know many Peters, nor is this particular pub in a cellar, but I like the name, nonetheless.

If you’ve read my earlier posts you may be aware I began converting a backyard shed into a mini pub earlier this year.  And while progress has been slow, the project’s inching towards fruition.  Naming the miniscule rathskeller was my wife’s…

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