Tina and Grace of BPI-Imus Market Branch (Cavite, Philippines)

Tina and Grace of BPI-Imus Market Branch

By Apolinario Villalobos


The smiling ladies of the Bank of the Philippine Islands-Imus Market Branch continue to impress me, the latest being, Tina (Cristina Biongko) and Grace Haguring. Both diminutive Tina and Grace can also make a first-time client of the bank, at ease. But, in addition to their arresting smile, both exude the sales qualities that competitive entities like the BPI look for in their staff. Tina did not tire of convincing me to open an account.


Before Tina and Grace attended to me, they patiently went about the routine counter preliminaries with a steady smile on their face which made us, who were waiting for our number to be called, comfortable. Monday and Friday are the most pressure-filled days of operation of entities such as banks due to the stacked- up pended transactions during the weekend and the earnest to finish transactions before the Friday ends. The morning I went to transact with the bank was a Monday, and despite the first-day-of-the-week jitters, I was attended to by Tina and Grace without a single hitch, making me step out of the bank after a short time….again.


Bank of the Philippine Islands holds the record as the oldest banking institution in the country, although, the Monte de Piedad had a share of the banking function only during the later part of the Spanish regime. The bank is also reputed to be conservative which proved to be a plus to its operation, as being such, the institution treads only with utmost caution in all its ventures. Lately, however, it has joined the bandwagon towards modernization of its facilities for the comfort and convenience of its clients which brought to the fore of their operation the paperless transaction machines where the clients punch their requirements instead of filling up small sheets of forms.


And, in the face of the rigid competition in the banking industry, BPI is fortunate for the services of its two dynamic smiling ladies, Tina and Grace.


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