Bali Trip Chronicles: The Super Delayed Flight

The Pinay Ajumma

Day 1

July 7, 2016 (Thursday)

I couldn’t get myself to slumberland the night before the flight. Too much excitement filled our bedroom apart from the husband’s loud snores. 😂✌

Tossing and turning while fantasizing how our first trip abroad after marriage would turn out. Okay, shall I call it our honeymoon? Sort of a late honeymoon. And Bali, Indonesia was the deal.

Danny had to do some work before the flight in the evening. Everything was all packed up 3 days before our departure. I was pleased to see all our things (good for 4 days and 3 nights) arranged in one luggage. Not a big one. The goal of having to carry one small luggage and our small shoulder bags was totally achieved. Thanks to the power of rolling!

Around 6pm we headed to Narita International Airport for the flight at 9pm. The excitement was starting to elevate…

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