Zalipie. Paint Me a Meadow / Namaluj mi łąkę

Nareszcie urlop

A thick smoke filled the room. It eddied along its walls lazily floating towards the attic where it could find a way out through the roof. A woman got up, opened wide cottage’s only window, coughed silently and again slowly walked towards the stove. There, in its lovely heat, on a bench, nestled in a straw covered old coat lied a big black cat. Also this time he did not pay much attention to his mistress’s approach. He merely stretched out and decided to carry on with his sleep, which got so brutally interrupted. The interior of the hut was gloomy, its ceiling and walls were entirely covered with soot. It had already been some time since they got whitewashed. A shy smile appeared on the woman’s face. The smell of smoke was slowing giving way to the beautiful aroma of fresh bread.

Gęsty dym wypełniał izbę. Snuł się po…

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