Mortuary Ritual Among the Benguet Ibaloi

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(By D. A. P)

The taking care of the dead is such a fascinating practice among the Ibaloi. They believe that when you die, your spirit will go to the other side where your relative’s and ancestor’s spirits reside. Old Ibalois when they die are given nine days to be mourned before their burials, young adults are given five, and toddlers are given only a day.
The reason behind the length of days, according to one native, is that they have great respect for the old. They believe that when they take proper care of the dead and pay proper respect for their ancestors, their ancestors and dead relatives in return, will guide them and give them luck for a good and prosperous life.
Among the Ibaloi, there is a special distinction between the living and the dead through numbers. They have the so called “shilus ni minatay or shilos…

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