The very Likeable “Jolly Bees” of Jollibee-Baclaran LRT Terminal Branch



By Apolinario Villalobos


I was among the early customers of the Jollibee-Baclaran LRT Terminal Branch one morning, and who dropped by for a cup of their brewed coffee. While the two cashiers were busy attending to other customers, I stood by to wait for my turn when a lady staff who was sweeping the floor put aside the broom, positioned herself behind a vacant cash register, and smilingly offered to help me. In my curiosity, I asked her if cashiering was part of her training as Jollibee staff for I presumed that her task was limited to cleaning the floor and tables. To my surprise she told me that although it’s not, she has got a little knowledge of cashiering and that she was pitching in just so she could serve me outright for my comfort. Well, that’s what I call “total service” that other customer service-oriented entities must really practice, if only to manifest the “bayanihan” trait that we Filipinos are proud of.


I learned that the lady staff was Mae who offered to bring the coffee that I ordered to my table when she noticed that I was about to use my cell phone. Later, I observed that even the supervisors were as busy as the rest of the staff. They were Jay, Enel, and Reggie…but I presumed that one of them was the manager.


As with the rest of the Jollibee restrooms, the one at the Baclaran LRT branch was also in spick and span state. Noticeably, Jay, the supervisor was losing no moment in seeing to it that this important facility was always mopped and without any whiff of malodorous air.


That morning, because of the foul weather, the branch’s security guard may have been stranded along the way, so that I also noticed that Jay, himself, one of the supervisors was opening the door for customers as part of his ground walk.


As a Filipino, I feel proud for the kind of “Jollibee service” that has even spread in other parts of the world!

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