Time for Reckoning of Barangay Real 2 Council Accomplishments



By Apolinario Villalobos


Aside from being the smallest barangay of Bacoor City, this political unit is also under the administration of BJ Aganus, who at forty one is the youngest Chairman. For sure he had a hard time adjusting because he took the place of the three-termer Vill Alcantara, who also did his best during his time.


Nevertheless, Kapitan BJ as he is called by his constituents and his council of Kagawad was not fazed by the challenge. I was around when the steel frame of the hall’s extension was assembled to become the roof of a multi-purpose open area. Not contented, he also had the Health Center wing improved. Not long after, a fiberglass flat-bottomed boat was also procured to be used during floods, and which proved very helpful. The barangay has its share of depressed area, an informal settlement along the creek just a few meters from Luzville subdivision.


The tiles of the second floor of the hall, used primarily for meetings was refurbished and while this was going on, he requested from the office of Jonvic Remulla, Cavite Governor, for the concreting of the remaining portions of the Perpetual Villalge 5 streets. On the other hand, the roofed basketball court which was initiated during the time of Vill Alcantara had its final phase completed during the early few months of Kapitan BJ. To secure the area covered by the barangay, the volunteers that comprise the contingent were regularly made to undergo briefings and seminars. To further the barangay’s security effort, CCTV cameras were installed at strategic points.


As the multi-purpose hall of Perpetual Village 5 proved to be a distance from other subdivisions, a facility for this purposed was constructed beside the basketball court of Silver Homes 1. I was informed that the basketball court will be provided with a roof, too, so that it can be used during the rainy season and together with the one beside the barangay hall, can also be used to provide accommodation to evacuees from flood-prone areas.


Since his assumption of responsibilities, Kapitan BJ and his council has also organized medical missions to serve the residents of the barangay and those from the neighboring Panapaan 7 as a gesture of goodwill. Much effort for this project was exerted by kagawad Pojie Reyes whose medical related occupation, contacted friends for their services. For one thing, the barangay chairman will never be forgotten for his effort in the release of certificates of award to the residents of the Padua compound.


All indications point to the effort of Kapitan BJ and his council in using to the fullest whatever meager budget the barangay has been provided with.



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