Maynuba Circuit (Rizal, PH)

No Juan Is An Island

It definitely wasn’t a walk in the park. With a knee-trembling uphill climb at the early part of the climb along a trail that is newly made, the early morning sweltering temperature plus sharp grasses and larger –than-the-usual ants along the way – I’d say it was pretty much of a challenge. It wasn’t just one mountain peak that day but two, plus 8 waterfalls to trek. Nonetheless, the view of the verdant landscape was more than enough to revitalize our dwindling supply of ATP and spirit. Moreover, it was the unrivaled feeling of meeting new people, sharing stories and laughter with friends and the memories built during these moments matter more.

That’s how I describe our Maynoba Circuit climb. This happened almost 3 months ago. I have been too busy with work that I had to postpone most of my write-ups. I don’t want to make this long either…

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Mount Batolusong (Rizal,  PH) 

No Juan Is An Island

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity”– John Muir, Our National Parks

Work has been pretty overwhelming the past 3 months. To top that, the traffic and some unexpected raining here and there added more stress than the usual. Well you can say it is really a busy (and anxiety-provoking) metro life.

So when a former colleague invited me to a climb, I did not have a second thought at saying “yes”. And so one weekend, together with some past and present workmates, we excitedly and joyfully made our way to Mount Batolusong — a relatively easy mountain to trek in San Andres, Tanay, Rizal.

On the way to the mountain peak, we were already greeted by a spectacular display of cottony clouds as the horizon preps up in welcoming a…

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