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Yesterday, I joined Rappler’s Twitter conversation regarding parent judging. They asked if we have ever been judged as a parent. I enjoyed reading different opinions- how others view parenthood and  how they deal with judgment . Here are some of the tweets from our thread;

MEGumiho♥‏ @jasmortega
@rapplerdotcom some breastfeeding moms feel superior coz of their ability to produce milk that they become insensitive of ff moms’ feelings

Rappler‏ @rapplerdotcom
“Your child’s milk does not define you as a parent,” says @jasmortega. #NoToParentJudging

rick‏ @rickrick888
Have you ever been judged as a parent? How did you deal with it? #NoToParentJudging

@rapplerdotcom my mother in law is my no.1 critic. Haha. She used to bug me about my kid’s clothes, their food and when my kids are sick

MEGumiho♥‏ @jasmortega@rapplerdotcom before,I just follow wat she tells me to do but now I do wat I I think is right for my…

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