Angels are Just Around


By Apolinario Villalobos



Yes, angels are just around. I have encountered many of them who in their subtle way extend a hand to others, or to put it simply, unselfishly share the blessings they earned the fair way. While some do not hesitate to share with others what they also need to survive to the point of sacrifice or deprivation, others share their excess but still given with sincerity.


The latest angel I encountered surprised me with an amount that she easily pulled out of her purse when we met. She had been reading my blogs about children who do errands to earn, the latest of whom were “Pango” and “Macmac”. The money she handed to me was for them and the rest of children whom I have been regularly visiting.


She vehemently asked me not to write about what she did but I insisted that what I would be sharing with viewers is her “good act”, with a firm promise that her name will not be mentioned, though I added that I would refer to her as “Ms. Di”. I explained that she and the late British princess Princess Diana had a profound similarity in character. Just like Princess Di, the angel I just met also has a strong character, an almost flawless face that stands out in a crowd. Like Princess Di, she also has a penetrating and soulful stare.


My new angel, as found out, also has scholars, for whom she found part-time jobs. She told me that she has done her best in helping her siblings and that, it is now time for her to focus on the plight of others who are deserving of her help for as long she can afford it. Aside from the working students, she has also been helping unfortunate families. Not only is her heart full of soft spots for others, but she also speaks with softness that can put even a stranger at ease to which I can attest. Before we parted ways, all she asked me are prayers to keep her going…


From what “Ms. Di” gave, both Macmac and Pango got 2 new sets of school uniform, several pairs of underwear, and a folding umbrella each. As both are also saving money in their “piggy bank”, they also were given a little cash. The rest of the money was spent for the purchase of folding umbrellas to be given to other kids due to the onset of the rainy season.


A Filipina in America also sent two boxes of children’s wear, food items, shoes, medicines, several new clinical instruments, and 6 New American Standard (NAS) Bible.  The medicines, food supplements and clinical instruments are for a patient. The boxes arrived several weeks after “Perla” sent several boxes, too, which contained reading materials, food items and clothes. A Filipina in London and another in Canada sent money for the boat fare of a family back to their province in Cagayan de Oro when their shack got demolished, with the excess amount to be used as a seed money for their business so that they would never think of going back to Manila. Many others are extending help and though I cannot mention them here, in the future, definitely I will, as an update on my RAS (random acts of sharing).


I do not encourage the giving of donations by my viewers. Those who have been sending help are old-time friends who I trust and who trust me. I am sharing this information so that others will know what we are doing for which I ask for their prayers….

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