Helping the Tagbanuas of Northern Palawan

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The Tagbanuas are considered one of the oldest tribes in the Philippines. Mainly found in northern and central Palawan, the dark-skinned Tagbanuas are possible descendants of the Tabon Man, one of the earliest humans recorded in the Philippines.

tag3 The Tagbanuas, an old indigenous tribe in the Philippines, scattered along the areas of central to northern Palawan. (courtesy of

The Tagbanuas are a simple, yet fiercely independent lot. They were never conquered by the Spanish, and the establishment of a Leper Colony in Culion during the American regime would only serve to isolate the island’s native inhabitants all the more. It was only after the intense evangelization efforts of foreign missionaries in the early 60s that development would start to set in for the Tagbanuas of Culion.

tag4 Educating the Tagbanuas in far-away Culion. (courtesy of

The leper colony would later be phased out with the onset of advanced treatment methods…

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