Waiting Sheds should be Where Bus and Jeepney Stops Are



By Apolinario Villalobos



The Metro Manila Development Authority, in the case of Metro Manila, and the local government units should check the location of the waiting sheds distributed along highways and secondary thoroughfares. Historically, the waiting sheds as projects do not have a good reputation as their construction have been subject to a corrupt issue, in particular, the “commission”. Many sheds were allegedly sporadically distributed without due planning. As a result, today, there are many sheds that are awkwardly located because they are situated far from the designated bus and jeepney stops. Who would want then, to wait for a bus or jeepney at a designated stop under the rain or scorching heat of the sun?


During the past administrations, the waiting sheds as with the basketball courts, Multi-purpose and Reading Centers were the favorite sources of commission amassed by corrupt officials. There was a scramble for budget supposedly intended for the mentioned projects. For this reason, there are lengths of streets dotted with unnecessary waiting sheds which later on were just used by street dwellers. In this regard, many basketball courts and multi-purpose centers were also alleged to have been overpriced and built with inferior materials.


The authorities are eternally facing a problem as regards the discipline of commuters and drivers of public conveyances. The commuters cannot be stopped from waiting for their ride where waiting sheds are located, but which are far from designated stops. The traffic enforcers are pitifully doing their best to drive commuters to these designated stops…a futile effort, when all the while, the solution is remove the old waiting sheds and build new ones where the bus and jeepney stops are located!

4 thoughts on “Waiting Sheds should be Where Bus and Jeepney Stops Are

  1. All public works projects — especially in corrupt governments — are sources of “kickback income” for the approving officials, as well as for the implementors of the projects, down the line. I don’t know how this can be stopped. Re the issue of bus/jeepney stops: Filipino commuters are notorious for disregarding rules for embarking or disembarking public conveyances. I don’t know how this can be stopped.

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  2. ever since, and dalawang issue na yan ng problema sa Pilipinas….one factor na nakakaapekta ay ang panahon sa sobrang init kaya ang mga pasahero ayaw maglakad ng malayo sa pupuntahan, kaya gusto nila bumaba sa halos tapat lang…


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