True Muslims should Stand Up and Condemn the Senseless Atrocities Committed by those who Claim to be “Muslims”

True Muslims should Stand Up and Condemn

The Senseless Atrocities Committed

by those who Claim to be “Muslims”

by Apolinario Villalobos


If the Catholic pope has been very vocal in condemning or at least, calling the attention of the erring Catholics, the priests and bishops included, it is high time for the hierarchy of the Islamic faith to condemn those who claim to be “Muslims”…they, who commit atrocities using “jihad” as an alibi, though, in reality, use such practice in masking their political and monetary intentions. They hold in hostage people and release them in exchange for money, otherwise, they are decapitated.


In the restless countries of the African continent trapped in pockets of war, Muslim fanatics impose severe penalties for insignificant violations of their faith. They also unscrupulously destroy priceless historic and cultural landmarks, and rape even pregnant women. In the Philippines, the Abu Sayyaf cut off heads of their hostages if they fail to receive their ransom. Where are the spiritual sensibilities in those acts?


In fairness to the rest of the Muslims though, the Islamic faith just like Christianity is also segmented into several sects, some of which are fanatical while the rest are moderate. That is why it is not also fair to issue a sweeping blame just because the fanatics are committing atrocities, in the same manner that not all Christians are corrupt and criminals, hence, a far-reaching blame should not necessarily be uttered against them.


Meanwhile, the consoling thought, is that in the Philippines, due to a prevailing law, the media is not allowed to specify the faith of apprehended suspects. Before the promulgation of the law, a suspected Filipino is outright mentioned as “Muslim” if he is one. Had it not been stopped, for fairness sake, erring citizens who are found to be members of the INC or Methodist, or Catholic, etc., for instance, must also be mentioned as such.


Finally, members of the Islamic segment of the Philippine population should reciprocate the generous gesture of the new president, Rodrigo Duterte, who profoundly expressed his trust to them, by manifesting their hostility against “un-Islamic” acts. With such, they can let the whole world know that Filipino Muslims and Christians are solidly welded in the name of CHANGE under the new leadership… how drastic such change may be…and most especially, to tone down, if not eradicate the issue on the ISIS threat that is circulating in the south.



2 thoughts on “True Muslims should Stand Up and Condemn the Senseless Atrocities Committed by those who Claim to be “Muslims”

  1. First of all, no need to say that the pope is Catholic. The word pope is reserved for the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Regarding Filipino Muslims: it seems inherent in Filipinos not to take stands, judging from the non-reaction of your many readers to your numerous posts.

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