To Blog or not to Blog…and the frustrating service providers in the Philippines

To Blog or Not to Blog

..and the frustrating service providers in the Philippines

By Apolinario Villalobos



While some people take their time in blogging shared quotes and photos from other sites, others do it with seriousness by sharing their own ideas. “Sharing bloggers” use smart phones and ipads in browsing the cyber web to collect what take their fancy, while “writing bloggers” have to think and archive titles using a laptop, an ipad, or at least a basic cellphone, and which they later develop using a laptop or a desktop computer. Those who use smart phones can easily upload blogs for as long as they are online and the prevalent signal permits. The same situation applies to those who use ipads and laptops. “Writing bloggers” may develop as many topics and keep them for later use, thereby, allowing them to upload anywhere they may be.


In areas where the signal is weak, there is a need for a booster to enhance the capability of the wi-fi. But for the financially handicapped who cannot afford such facility, browsing and uploading take a hell of the time. Woe still, to those who use pre-loaded sim cards, for by the time they can connect to the desired sites, their load is almost consumed.


It has been acknowledged that the Philippines is suffering from the highest internet rate in Asia. What make the unreasonable rate worse are the inutile facilities of the service providers that cannot accommodate millions of users. Despite this bleak situation, the service providers have not done any immediate action, as the time allowance that they asked from the government is a whole year of observation on their effort, before their service is finally scrapped.


Meanwhile, the economy of the country suffers. Blogging is not just about photos and quotes shared in facebook. Blogging as an activity is also the uploading of business opportunities in different sites that need to be accessed by enterprising browsers. Blogging is about payment transaction among business entities using bank internet facilities. It is also about plain exchange of communication among government and private agencies. It can even include in its scope the transmitted instructions about undertakings that involve life such as an ongoing operation in a hospital.


The Philippines which has already been suffering from corruption since the time she has gained freedom from the clutches of America, is hopeful that the incoming administration of Rodrigo Duterte can give life to its sickly cyber-tech system.



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