The Last Monday Flag Ceremony of Duterte in Davao (27June)

The Last Monday Flag Ceremony of Duterte in Davao (27June)

By Apolinario Villalobos


Listening to the radio broadcast of the speech of Rodrigo Duterte during the last flag ceremony that he attended as mayor of the city, listeners could feel his closeness to his constituents who trusted him for so many years. Non-Visayans who can understand only a sprinkling of the Cebuano dialect should not immediately make judgments or impressions after hearing familiar cusses and other words which may sound vulgar to them. This is how his morality and personality was unfairly misjudged by those from Luzon who have a different culture. If Duterte spoke in Bisaya during the flag ceremony, they should understand that he is in Davao speaking before a throng of Visayans.


Reporters should know by now that what makes Duterte cuss are words such as “drugs”, “drug lords”, “drug addict”, “rapists” and “corruption”. This is observable, for every time he mentioned those words during his speech, he tried with much effort to control himself not cuss, but with futility. Meanwhile, reporters should also be wary about questions that go beyond the borderline of privacy, and those which are already asked, but just repeated as if to test his consistency and recall ability. He is not a showbiz personality who needs media mileage to maintain a high degree of popularity. Duterte expects so much work to be done and this is what he will do despite his forthcoming “meager” salary which he jokingly declared to be just enough for his former wife and current “girlfriend”, with nothing much left for him. Some of those in the media who are so presumptuous about their “ability” to manipulate government officials by putting words in their mouth should stop such antic. Duterte is very much different from the presidents who came before him…as he knows his purpose for the Filipinos and the country. And, as he himself said, he would rather be left alone working, than be interviewed.


Manila reporters should start getting firsthand information on Duterte by talking with media people from Davao so that they can make the necessary adjustments to the personality and working habit of the new president. They should remove from their mind that being “Tagalogs”, they are superior to their Visayan counterparts. On the other hand, as an unsolicited suggestion, media entities in Manila should start hiring Bisayans to enhance their stable of field reporters and broadcasters. This shall preclude any misunderstanding as had happened even while Duterte was still campaigning.


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