Another Look at the Philippine Media

Another Look at the Media

By Apolinario Villalobos



The localized, albeit, persistently exaggerated criticism of Duterte by the media , and which lately has been further inflated by a so-called international group is incomprehensible. In the first place, what Duterte criticized is the involvement of SOME media people in crime, especially, drugs.


There is no question on their noble purpose that calls for a lot of sacrifice. But, for fairness sake, they should not look at themselves sweepingly as “sterile” or free from tints of misdoing. Any calling is exposed to temptation…even Jesus underwent this test, but he persisted on fighting the devil which he did successfully. Who among the members of the media can be a Jesus today?


Again, if the lawmakers, the police, church workers and many others have admitted that their ranks are tainted with corruption, why can’t the media do the same? They should instead, just admit it and start doing some kind of internal cleansing as what the aforementioned groups are doing. Surely, the media can do it with their numerous “organizations” and “federations” that afford them a feeling of cohesion and security.


With the meager pay and with a big family to feed, woe to those who will bite or have already succumbed to the dangled temptation in terms millions of pesos and other comforts of life in the face of the trying times. But I admire those who are steadfast in their avowed noble purpose as heralds of the people despite their deficient remuneration. In the end the only consolation of the honest members of the media who get killed in the field is to be recognized, hence, called “heroes” during eulogy at their wake, a fitting honor that has no monetary equivalent.

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