Historical Vietnam – Visiting the Nostalgic City of Hue

Man of Wanders

Getting paid and travel for free? I have been lucky enough all these years that I can get to see the world by spending less and earning more. This is the good thing being in the Cruise industry and Entertainment business for over 10 years. Going out for a tour is very convenient. I never worry with my transportation, itinerary and time since they are already organized already even before walking out of the ship. All I need to do is to appreciate every places that I have been and be able to talk about it to the guests when I come back onboard. This is what I am paid for.

Now we are off to Hue City in Vietnam. I personally love this country because of its rich history and beautiful historical monuments and Hue is well known for that, which has earned it a place in UNESCO’s World Heritage…

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4 thoughts on “Historical Vietnam – Visiting the Nostalgic City of Hue

    • Re cleavages, I think part of the attempt to show “woman power” which for me is okey…may pending invitation ako to go to Vietnam, gusto akong isama ng dating PAL manager sa Saigon…pinag-iisipan ko pa dahil kahit libre ang tiket kailangan ko pa rin ng baon, nasasayang ako ako sa magagastos….ang isa ko pang gustong puntahan ay Cambodia….


  1. okey lang sa akin ang hindi matuloy ang gusto ko dahil sa mga factors na acceptable naman tulad kakulangan sa budget…nagbabakasakali lang naman…may mga sinusunod kasi akong priority list….


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