Quiboloy-Duterte relationship on the rocks

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President-elect Duterte with Pastor Quiboloy President-elect Duterte with Pastor Quiboloy

More than a statement perhaps the title should end in question mark.

Re-phrasing it perhaps would be more appropriate: Is politics creating a rupture in the Quiboloy-Duterte friendship?

Thirty years of friendship is a long time and the fate of these two friends has been providential as they are mind-boggling, both coming from humble beginnings.

But while Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has turned into a self-adulating bigot and narcissist who has proclaimed himself the ‘Appointed Son of God’, after establishing the religious sect Kingdom Of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc., amassing wealth from credulous followers numbering now to 6 million globally and whose location in Davao City’s mountainous terrain is now called “The Garden of Eden Restored” , president-elect Rodrigo Duterte, on the other hand, has remained ordinary and unpretentious as the day he started his public service as truly a servant-leader.


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Ang Mga Pagtanggi o Denial

Ang Mga Pagtanggi o Denial 

by Apolinario Villalobos


Maraming dahilan ang pagtanggi… tulad ng pagtanggi ng isang tao tungkol sa tunay niyang pagkatao o identity para sa kanyang kaligtasan, pagtanggi sa pagdanas ng kahirapan sa nakaraan, pagtanggi sa pinaparatang na krimen, at ang hindi pagkilala sa Diyos na isang napakabigat ng pagtanggi.


May mga taong nagpapalit ng pangalan at kung minsan ay umaabot sa pagpapa-plastic surgery upang mapalitan ang mukha masiguro lang ang kanilang kaligtasan pagkatapos nilang tumayo bilang saksi upang malutas ang isang malaking kaso. Ang mga nagpipilit namang pagtakpan ang nakaraan nilang kahirapan sa buhay ay itinatanggi pa ang mga kamag-anak na mahihirap upang palabasin na sila ay galing sa mayamang angkan. May mga nagpapalit din ng apelyido upang malubos ang pagtakas nila sa maralitang nakaraan.


Matindi naman ang mga tumatanggi sa pinaparatang na krimen dahil nakasandal sila sa batas na nagsasabing hangga’t hindi napapatunayan sa korte ang isang kasalanan, ang pinaparatangan ay itinuturing na inosente. Dahil dito ay nagkaroon ng bahagi sa proseso ng korte kung saan ang pinaparatangan ay gumagawa ng “plead for innocence” dahil pantay daw ang turing sa lahat ng tao, ng hustisyang sinisimbolo ng babaeng may piring sa mga mata. Ito ang nagbibigay ng pagkakataon sa mga mayayaman at maimpluwensiyang umupa ng magagaling na abogado upang malusutan ang ginawa nilang krimen.


Subalit ang pinakamabigat na pagtanggi ay ang tungkol sa kaalamang may isang Pinakamakapangyarihan na siyang dahilan kung bakit tayo naririto sa mundo. Para sa kanila, hindi sapat ang mga nakikita sa paligid upang patunayan ito dahil kailangan pa nila ng mga mabibigat pang mga batayan.


Lahat ng uri ng pagtanggi ay karapatan ng isang tao at wala ring karapatan ang ibang magsabi na ito ay mali. Hangga’t kaya ng isang taong makipagbalitaktakan sa paglahad ng kanyang mga paniniwala, dapat ay hayaan siya sa ganitong pagpipilit dahil ito ang patunay na siya ay may dunong o karunungan. Pero kung sa bandang huli ay napatuyang siya ay mali talaga, dapat ay tanggapin niya ito ng maluwag sa kanyang kalooban….tulad halimbawa ng pagkatalo sa eleksiyon. Sa Pilipinas kasi, malakas ang loob ng ibang kandidato sa pagtangging sila ay natalo, at sa halip ay nadaya lamang daw kahit may pruweba nang ipinapakita ang COMELEC….na sa kasamaang palad ay itinatanggi din ng iba na patas dahil sa madilim nitong nakaraan!


Asahan din ang pagtanggi ng iba na ibinoto nila ang mga opisyal na papalpak sa kanilang trabaho pagdating ng panahon!

Duterte Has Become Synonymous to Drastic Transformation of the Philippines

Duterte Has Become Synonymous

to Drastic Transformation of the Philippines

By Apolinario Villalobos


The change under the administration of Duterte has to be drastic because some that need to be transformed even require a total 360-degree turnaround. The culture of the Filipino is the kind in which “everyone wants to have his own way”, and worst is that some don’t even want to lift a finger as his way of helping, yet, these are the ones who are overly dependent and judgmental. In this regard, the drastic change should start from within us, and the leader must show an equally steely resolve.


Filipinos should not only hope for a change, how drastic it may be, but contribute an effort in its realization. Understandably, hopelessness have stemmed from disappointments brought about by the failure of the past administrations. This time, something can be viewed as basis for the promised change – the transformation of Davao from where Duterte came. When the idea of Duterte running for president was floated to give way to a change, those in Manila were one in being apprehensive, as Davao is much different from Manila, much more, the whole country. As the campaign gained momentum, however, and the trending support was mounting, the feeling has become viral, changed into a supportive one, to give way to the popular clamor.


With Duterte very evidently sure to sit as the new president, there is a general acquiescence for whatever change he would want implemented, especially, those found effective in Davao. Even his choice for the new chief of the Philippine National Police who would bypass three layers of senior officers was accepted, unlike the past appointments that generated complaints and grumblings. The current PNP organization without even, yet, its new chief, has made pronouncements to support all plans of Duterte to prove their worth for the prioritized changes for the said agency, still viewed as drastic, one of which is the decentralization in the administration of benefits as they shall be distributed among the regional centers aside from the upgrade of wage.


Government agencies whose concerns are the “downtrodden” – the long suffering lowest rung of the Philippine society, are promised to be offered to the left wing and expected as one of these is the Department of Social Welfare. The left wing has been invited by Duterte to join him in steering the Philippines toward a new direction. This invitation is seen as a challenge if indeed, it can do something to improve the lot of the impoverished, as it has been too critical of the programs of the past administrations. This drastic change in the system could be seen as an acid test to the sincerity of the left wing in its promise to help the country for the better.


With the coming of the new hands-on president, expected too, is the drastic change in the system of the country’s prisons system, especially, the New Bilibid from where detained drug lords still operate their business. Along with this is the long-clamored  cleansing of the barangay level which observers claim, has become the breeding ground for future corrupt government officials, as well as, their being viewed as tools of the sitting corrupt government officials. There is a need that this lowest rung of the government hierarchy should be checked, a tough job for whoever will be appointed as the new secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government.


Finally, his move for a friendly relationship with China as regards the issue on the West Philippine Sea is also viewed as drastic, although, Duterte made it clear that he will maintain the claim of the country over the concerned territory. This is a practical move as since time immemorial, the Filipinos have been cordially dealing with the Chinese culturally and commercially. On the other hand, enforcing our rights militaristically is futile. His move will also indicate that we are not totally relying on the regular joint US-Philippines “Balikatan” military exercise which is America’s manifestation of her support for our defense against any aggression.


Some apprehensive Filipinos, this time, have just to fasten their seat belt for the impact that will be brought about the drastic changes…

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites: Experiencing Cebu’s Scuba Diving into the Wreckage

The Wanderlust Keeper

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites: Experiencing Cebu’s Scuba Diving into the Wreckage

        OCEAN – one of the most beautiful and fascinating wonders of nature. Three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered with water which provides foods to millions of not just people but other animals as well. It provides satisfaction and pleasure for almost all beings here on earth. Captivating coral reefs and underwater rock formations appear as if engineered by extra-terrestrial beings. Diverse marine species with their vibrant physique create a dazzling effect in the waterworld. But behind the sea’s beauty and wonder, lies another world with billions of creatures interacting in ways we cannot comprehend.  Deep within the vast blue open space, there remains a mystery. There dwells some sort of danger. The sea has been a keeper of some events in our history. Sunken ships, crashed planes into the waters and disasters…

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