After Giving Duterte Our Trust, It is Time to Give Him Our Support

After Giving Duterte Our Trust

It is Time to Give Him Our Support

By Apolinario Villalobos


A couple or more of years before the presidential election, due to too much disappointment and frustrations, many Filipinos floated the idea to have a drastic change and with it came up with a guy, who by all indications personify the image that the country needs…one with a steely personality – Duterte. For many, he is the only person viewed as having a firm conviction when it comes to decision-making, though, tempered with emotional compassion, the manifestation of which was seen later. But because of his habit to cuss, he was viewed as immoral, and many detractors whose vocabulary does not include the word “discipline”, even spread gossips about his womanizing, but which Duterete unabashedly admitted, adding that though, separated from his first wife, he still maintains a close friendship with her. Still, others who are not contented in bashing Duterte even insist that Davao is not Philippines…meaning, what he has done to make Davao peaceful is impossible to be done for the whole Philippines.


Despite all the badmouthing, the nation is bound to have a feisty, frank, honest, decisive, and a hands-on president. Contrary to what his detractors thought, majority of his supporters are women, and despite his being “immoral” as insisted by the non-believers in discipline, he was heartily endorsed by the Iglesia ni Cristo. Most especially, his peacekeeping and disciplinary programs in Davao are now being perceived by the Philippine National Police to be possible in Manila. This same view is being shared by many citizens who are tired of noisy China- made “single motorcycle”, drugs, destructive youth roaming the streets in the dead of the night, pickpockets, and wily taxi drivers. Practically, those who were not sold by his effort are now saying that they can be done in Manila and even throughout the country. I have to admit that I was among them but had a change of heart when I saw his determination at the start of the campaign. I made write-ups about his success in Davao City, but was apprehensive if he can duplicate them if he becomes president because he has to tackle yet, Congress and Senate, unlike a city like Davao with only the City Council to convince.


Although, as of this date, he is yet, referred to as, “presumptive President”, heads of many nations are already recognizing him as the duly chosen in place of Pnoy Aquino. If only to make sure that what we are expecting of him can be realized, we are bound to give him our all-out support. We should not abandon him after giving him a mountain of responsibility for the rehabilitation, though, not totally from the long-suffering or our nation…and then, blame him at the end. Personally, I hope that he will not commit mistakes in choosing the people who are eager to work with him, as they might spell his downfall despite the support of many Filipinos.

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