Advocacies Cannot Be Dictated…they may only be emulated or copied

Advocacies Cannot Be Dictated

…they may be only emulated or copied

By Apolinario Villalobos


The mistake of some people is that they tend to dictate their advocacies to others, expecting friends to whom they force-feed such to become like them in an instant. What is worse is that if friends just shrug their shoulders or smile with sarcasm, they would feel bad. A person who is sincere in practicing his advocacy is supposed to have only the beneficiaries as the foremost reason for his action, aside from himself who also desires some kind of satisfaction. He should not expect others to imitate him. One should not feel great or “heroic” just because he has helped others. If ever, the manifestations of his action should only serve as signals that others would hopefully receive and will incite them to do the same.


If one’s advocacy for example is to scrimp on many things in life, he should not expect others to do the same because they may have a different lifestyle which makes them spend for as long their purse can afford it. If one is fond of attending seminars to gain knowledge on small-scale business ventures for extra income, he should not force his friends to do the same as they may not really have the time for them, being too sickly. If one loves plants and animals, they should just let their friends see the resulting joy in having them, instead of giving them cuttings, seeds, pups, or kittens….unless, of course, they would ask for them.


If one is fond of helping others, he should not be noisy about it. If they will, however, take notice, he should not elaborate because in all probabilities, many of them will never or refuse to understand his objective. In the first place, the act of giving food, extra money, or befriending the unfortunate need no elaboration why such are being done. Those are simple acts that even a child can understand as feeding the hungry and just being friendly. He should not also tell others to do the same, because they may already be doing “similar” acts which are not necessarily doling out food or money.


Compassion as an advocacy can be expressed in so many ways, the simplest direct way being sincerely smiling at others, not badmouthing them, understanding their situation or indirectly, by praying for them. The act should be sincere enough to be felt by others who perceive it…that in the long run, will hopefully result to its being virally emulated or copied.

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