Pocheon Art Valley

A Sweet Chili Love

Pocheon, South Korea —

Another surprise road trip my hubby gave me was a trip to Pocheon Art Valley one sunny Thursday afternoon in autumn. We had been always planning to visit that place for quite some time, but continuously postpone the plan due to hectic schedules.

Upon arriving at our destination, it was no surprise that it wasn’t crowded. It may not be one of the top tourist attractions, but this quiet, out of the bustling city type of travel is what we prefer more.


Here’s a short introduction by yokorea.com of what Pocheon Art Valley is about:

“The Art Valley in Pocheon is established in what used to be a granite quarry. The quarry was operated from the later part of the 1960s up until the mid 1990s. After production was closed, the quarry had been left unattended with the surrounding environment destroyed until it was rebuilt into a…

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